Meet Me

Leigh Litterick

Soul searcher. Self healer. Sound Therapist. Biofield Tuner.

I am a Listener. For as long as I can remember people have opened up to me and told me their stories. And, I have listened deeply. Stepping into the storybook of their lives feeling into the depths of their sorrows & the heights of their joy.

So, it’s probably no great surprise that I still listen. But now with my tuning forks too. I listen for the tones reflected by your body, and feel into the emotions they convey, because that is what comes naturally. I listen to the story of your life encoded in vibration. I hear it in the sound of the fork and I feel it within my body.

Listening has taught me that who we are today is not always who we were destined to be, but I know that your true self waits patiently for you to step into your light because the tone of your natural vibration is ALWAYS bright & BEAUTIFUL.

I have seen, many times over, that given the right tools & support we will heal ourselves, reclaim our light & shine brightly into the world once more.

Knowing what’s possible for myself is how I came to this work. Striving to create the optimal conditions for my own healing & self empowerment, & then sharing it with as many people as I can reach is what Iights me up.

And so, today, through the benefit of my own experience I offer you the most nurturing collection of soul centred therapies to help you heal your heart & radiate with all of your light.

Therapies for: Soul Connection, Recalibration & Self Healing

  • Biofield Tuning
  • Soundbaths
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping)
  • Indian Head Massage

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