Privacy Notice

At Soultime Sessions I am committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of my clients by respectfully taking care of your personal information. 

This privacy policy will provide you with all the details your need to know in regard to when, and why, I collect your personal information, how I use it, how I keep it secure, and the limited conditions under which I may disclose it to others.

Your right to Confidentiality

I will not normally disclose any information about you to anyone without your consent. I may do so in exceptional circumstances:

Where not to do so would break the law
Where you have put yourself or others in serious danger

If I have to disclose information, I will strive to disclose the least information necessary in the circumstances.

I will not respond to questions from friends, family, or tutors concerning you, or indicate that you are attending sessions.

Why do I keep records?

To protect you: Treating you professionally requires me keep track of the issues raised throughout a session along with the techniques I employed to monitor the effectiveness of the treatment.

To protect me: In the event of a query I need facts – whom I have seen, what I have done, etc.

Will I see you without keeping a record?

No, unless you simply want to clarify your understanding of confidentiality etc., before deciding whether, or not to proceed with a session. If, as a consequence, you wish to go elsewhere for EFT, or Theraputic Sound I will, on request, offer you the details of another qualified practitioner.

This is how I may receive your personal information:

Initial email enquiry, telephone call, social media private message, or comment on a social media post – your personal contact details received from any of these enquiries will not be shared and will be used solely for the purposes of responding to your enquiry.
Your Consent Form – your personal details will be kept securely (see ‘Security’ below). The information you give helps to advise me of any health conditions I need to be aware of to I can assess whether the treatment may be appropriate for you, and also helps me assess whether I have the necessary skills to proceed with your session.  If I feel I do not, I will provide you with the details of an alternative qualified practitioner with specialist skills.  Once I have confirmed your appointment, I may use your email address, or telephone number on this form to remind you of your appointment by email, or text.

Privacy Policy Agreement – This Agreement confirms I have your permission to hold onto your personal details, and that you are aware how they may be used and how they will be kept secure.

Client Notes – Client notes are any handwritten, or typed notes taken during, or after a session.  During any ongoing professional development training I may also video record a session to be used as submission for a case study.  I will always seek your permission first. See below to ‘Session Client Notes & Sharing Information for Training Purposes’ for more details.

Google/Facebook Analytics – This is only applicable if you visit my website, or my social media pages. My website service server provider records details of what pages are visited by unique users, and also how much time is spent on each page.  The details of the users are anonymous and are only used for analysing web traffic usage on the site.  Facebook and Instagram also provide analysis of traffic to my business Facebook/Instagram page.  Again, the details of the users are anonymous and the information is only used for assessing the number of users viewing, liking and sharing posts/the business page.

Session Client Notes

Written – I may record background information, key issues and/or a shorthand summary to enable me to monitor the progress of the session.  These will vary in length and detail. Points of concern are also noted.  See below to ‘Security’ for details of how this information is stored.

Video Recorded Client Notes – With your express permission I may also video record an online session.  The video will be kept for a minimum of one week, and may be deleted at my discretion thereafter.  You may request a copy of the video up to one week following the session recording.  Also see below for ‘Security’ and ‘Sharing Information for Training Purposes’.

Access to Notes

Under the Data Protection Act, clients have a right of access to all notes kept on them.  If those notes contain references to other individuals these may not be available to the client, as protection is also granted to third parties.  I may have to explain your notes to you as some notes are recorded in short hand, or in codified form for record management purposes.

If the client file includes a letter, or additional information from the person responsible for their clinical care, usually your general practitioner (GP) or psychiatrist, consent from the relevant practitioner must be obtained before the correspondence is disclosed.

If you wish to see their file, you should ask me in writing, giving at least a week’s notice.

Details of case notes are exempt from disclosure to third parties under Freedom of Information legislation.

Liaison and correspondence at client request.

With your express permission it may be appropriate for me to liaise with, or write to, a third party – for example a personal tutor, or GP. 

In the case of telephone calls, the purpose of the call, and the nature and extent for the information to be given, will be agreed with you prior to the call. 

Requests for letters should be made in writing. You can request copies of the letter.

Sharing Information for Training Purposes

I may upon occasion relay some details of your session to my training supervisor to assist me in my professional development.  Only circumstantial details are provided to outline a particular scenario and are given with complete anonymity to ensure you cannot be identified in any way.

Supervision – these are group sessions conducted with other practitioners for receiving ongoing feedback and guidance.  I may refer to your session for the purposes of requesting advice, but you will not be identified and your personal details will be kept anonymous.

For Biofield Tuning only - I may share your case in a database exclusive to Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioners for educational and research purposes.  For example, if Biofield Tuning successfully resolved your ailment, the practitioners process and protocol, as well as the outcome of the treatment would be shared with other practitioners for their reference.  Your identity and personal information will remain anonymous and confidential at all times.

Insurance Company

In the event of an insurance claim I may have to submit your personal and case note details to my insurance company.  If you wishe to request the details of my insurer, so you can view their privacy policy, they should ask me in writing, giving at least a week’s notice.


All handwritten notes, intake forms and signed consent forms are kept in locked storage and are treated confidentially.

All digital notes and video recordings are kept in a secure drive which is password protected.

You may write to me at any time to update your personal information.

All adult client notes are kept for a period of seven years.  All client notes for Under 18’s are kept for 7 years after they turn 18.  After this time, they are destroyed by deletion, or shredding where applicable.

Temporary Covid Related Privacy Information

Due to the current circumstances of Covid 19, I may be required to share your name and telephone number with the venue where I carry out my event/treatment for their records, and this information may be in turn passed onto the NHS. This process is currently in place in case you should need to be contacted through any NHS Test and Protect track and trace system who will inform you of a COVID outbreak at a particular venue you have recently attended.


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