Biofield Tuning

Everything is energy…when vibrations come together they start to sync up and resonate at the same frequency in a kind of spontaneous self organisation.


Your body is the most amazing self tuning, self healing instrument.

What you need to begin your healing journey towards inner harmony is a strong, coherent signal to tune yourself to.

Biofield Tuning uses clear, consistent frequencies sent out by vibrating Tuning Forks as a metronome for your body to recalibrate itself naturally.

FEEL CALM & CENTRED: Bring order to an inner state of chaos by strengthening the coherence of your body’s electrical signal. Feel much more stable & grounded within yourself & able to respond to life in a much more calm, considered way.

How much might your relationships improve if you feel MORE RELAXED & LESS REACTIVE, or out of kilter?

RELEASE YOUR FULL POTENTIAL: Release old patterns of deep rooted stress held within your body & bring all that energy back into circulation. Amplify your energy so you can radiate with all of your light in the present moment!

What more might you do in all the areas of your life if you feel MORE ENERGISED? And how might that energy manifest in you today? More CREATIVITY, CLARITY, FOCUS..?

FEEL LIKE YOURSELF AGAIN: Naturally feel lighter & brighter by letting go of your emotional baggage. Let it go & feel like your beautiful brilliant self again!

It’s time to SHINE BRIGHTLY as the person you were always destined to be before life got in the way!

BOOK your first two Biofield Sessions today for only £50!

Biofield Tuning Standard Session

£50.00 (£120 for 3)

This 1 hour session will help you begin, or continue, your healing journey towards inner harmony.

In each session, the changing tones of the Tuning Forks will tell us where you most need to release deep rooted emotional & physical tension.

The calming frequencies of the forks placed on, or off, the body will help your body re-tune itself by releasing its out-of-sync vibrational holding patterns making you feel lighter & brighter & back in full flow!

A starter series of 3 sessions is recommended to give you the time you need to re-establish your optimal energetic baseline. Bought as single sessions, or as a bundle of 3 for a reduced rate.

These sessions can be done in person, or by distance (Zoom).

Sonic Massage


This gorgeous 1.5hr internal Sound massage with weighted Tuning Forks will help to rebalance your body’s meridian energy system & bring you into a blissful state of relaxation.

The weighted Tuning Forks will stimulate your body’s internal electrical signal & to send healing, coherent, sound waves deep throughout your body.

This on body treatment is perfect me-time for when your soul needs some restful nurturing, or as a gentle introduction to the amazing benefits of Sound Therapy & Energy Medicine.

These sessions are only available in person.

Adrenal Rhythm Reset Series

£120 (3 Sessions)

If you are constantly on the go, or suffer from stress fatigue, this recalibration may be just what you need to give your Adrenals a much needed rest. This series is designed to leave you feeling blissfully neutral & much less activated by stress.

Each session is 1 hour & the work is carried out mainly within your electromagnetic field (Biofield), with some work upon the body work when indicated.

This is a set of 3 sessions, though occasionally, you may need need up to 6 sessions to fully complete your reset.

You must have undertaken at least 1 standard Biofield Tuning Session before undertaking this series (a set of 4 sessions is also available).

These sessions can be done in person, or by distance (Zoom).

“The sessions have helped keep me grounded & connected in a way that was unexpected in its strength & wholly welcomed in this time of constant change.

I always feel invigorated & ready for the outside world when I leave.

I truly can’t recommend Leigh highly enough & feel such gratitude to have found her. “

Morag, Edinburgh

Let’s begin your Biofield Tuning journey today.

How Does Biofield Tuning Work?

If you’ve ever felt ENERGISED, or UPLIFTED, the first time you heard a SONG on the radio you will already have an innate sense of how your body can spontaneously SYNCHRONISE itself with external frequencies to SHIFT & CHANGE your EMOTIONS.

It’s this process of RESONANCE & ENTRAINMENT which can happen between two different frequencies of vibration that is the foundation of BIOFIELD TUNING.

Biofield Tuning is a groundbreaking therapeutic method developed by Eileen Day McKusick that uses sound to relax & reset the nervous system.

It uses a physics based approach to healing, synchronising your body’s vibration to the frequencies of Tuning Forks to reorganise the electrical energy within your body, & the electromagnetic field it creates around you, known as your Biofield.

Experience in this field has shown that emotional, physical & mental disorders will often reveal themselves as an out-of-sync soundwave which can be heard as a changing tone in the Forks, or differing texture of vibration when held on, or around the body.

Offering your body a stable, coherent frequency signal from our Tuning Forks encourages your body to naturally re-tune itself to a new neutral frequency, spontaneously releasing the old patterns of tension which no longer serve you.

Amazingly, once your body has returned to its natural vibration your corresponding emotional, mental or physical symptoms can often reduce leaving you calm, centred & energised.

Whatever programs are running in your mind get mapped out in your Electromagnetic field.

“These patterns have proved, over the years, to be fairly universal. While I still find new and unexpected things in the field every now and then, the core patterns haven’t changed.”

Eileen Day McKusick – pioneer of Energy Medicine & author of Electric Body, Electric Health & also Tuning The Human Biofield.

Some of the DISSONANT PATTERNS which have been mapped by Eileen Day McKusick within the Biofield which may show up in a session to be RELEASED are:

  • chronic overthinking/overdoing
  • feeling stuck
  • fear of moving forward
  • frustration/disappointment
  • anger
  • powerlessness
  • sadness/grief
  • chronic over-pleasing others
  • feeling unable to express yourself
  • not feeling heard
  • worrying about the future
  • worrying about the past
  • overwhelm/feeling of not enough time
  • feeling disconnected from nature
  • birth trauma
  • ancestral energetic patterns

Look After Your Electric Health

Did you know that we are electrical beings & that medical technology can measure the electrical activity of both our brain waves & our heart with EEG & ECG machines?

Our blood, skin & veins conduct electricity through their salts (electrolytes) & we even make our own electricity as we compress our bones when we walk.

And, because we are electrical beings we are most stable when we are earthed & in flow between our positive & negative terminals much like any other electrical circuit.

Our emotions & feelings are amazing informing, but often overwhelming, electromagnetic waves which pass through us.

What Biofield Tuning has taught us is that we will often respond to our emotions much more easily when our inner electric current is coherent & grounded.

This is why within each Biofield Tuning session we strive to ensure that you are energetically earthed & have a strong current of electricity running all the way through the centreline of your body drawing in power from above & below.

Trust yourself. You know when your own vibration feels chaotic & your body’s orchestra is playing out of tune.

You can sense when you need to strengthen you inner channel & re-centre because you feel pulled out of alignment & emotionally out of kilter.

And once you have re-tuned, you will recognise the difference in yourself immediately.


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